Sunday, March 13, 2016

Smart TV -- Progress in America (10)


In my plush armchair
edging toward sleep,
Old words sail to me,
Children weep, elders say
“Zwei Fahrkarten -
einfache nach Amerika –
tickets - one way.” 
I straighten up
stare at TV. 

The tube stares straight back; speaks to me.

Where will you run to Old Sinner Man?

    To the Bat Cave and Captain America if I can. 

See many brown shirts,
with many guns. Look there’s Trump!
With his followers dumb.
Guns in everyone’s hand.
Now what to do?
Where will you run to
old Sinner Man?

    I will run to Denmark if I can.

Danes take trinkets from refugees.
They won’t want a Jew who flees!
So where will you run to old Sinner Man?

    Is there no place to be
    no peace for me?
    Brown shirts leave me crazy with fright.

Donald’s next words float in the night:

    I’ll build the wall – Even if no one wants in.

    I’ll build the camp – Leave the bill for Jews to pay.
    Don’t lynch blackmen – we’re peaceful, it’s all in play
    Elect me Commander – Then the games really begin.
d4: Sunday, March 13, 2016

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