Friday, March 30, 2018

Passover 2018

50 years ago 

    1. the Freedom Haggadah was written to object

to American injustice

to police killing Black men

to the killing of MLKing 

to our endless war
to demand action from the FBI on the killing of civil rights workers
      2. Israel had won a war which gave them control of new land - the West Bank

It was to be used as a bargaining chip to bring it peace

Now, where have we come to?  50 years. 

    1. we are in an endless war

    2. Police are killing black men. 

    3. Our president has found that there are ‘good people’ among

neo nazis carrying swastikas, chanting Jews will not replace us. 

    4. Israel continues to occupy the West Bank

It has taken Palestinian’s lands, 

Treated its peoples without basic human rights 

Denied them equality under a regime of law.
    5. Our country is displacing (removing) thousands of people

Some have come here as seekers of asylum. 
If there was ever a time for the freedom haggadah it is now. 

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